How long does it take for an app to get approved?

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From an EU perspective there are 3 'separate' aspects to this, Developer Approval, App Submission, APK Review.

Developer Approval - I'm going to assume you have this already, and your legals, business etc have been given the green light from Clover

App Submission - After you've completed your app description, screenshots, logo etc it'll usually take about 2 - 3 days.

APK Review - Assuming you have a perfect app with no bugs, and its been tested fully - final app approvals before publishing depend on your APK being approved as part of the submission process. This happens once a week on a Friday. It's best to get to the stage where all testing has been done by Wednesday to get on that Friday's list. Testing of the APK can take as little as 2 days (assuming everything is A-OK) - but I'd give yourself and the Clover testing team 2 weeks to allow for some back and forth. More if major changes are needed.

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App approval timelines vary by case. To ensure that app review moves as swiftly as possible, please check out our Launch and App Submissionsections at docs.clover.com.

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