My app is been live in Clover for more than a couple of months. There are many merchants who are now billable after the 30 day free trial and we have been logging the meter events to Clover for our app. But i cannot see any entries in the Charges section of Clover Dashboard for metered charges even if i use the filter or not.

We are charging the meter id via the REST api POST /v3/apps/{aId}/merchants/{mId}/metereds/{meteredId}

Also able to see these events are logged using the GET api GET /v3/apps/{aId}/merchants/{mId}/metereds/{meteredId}

Could you please explain how can i view these & when can i see these charges in the developer Charges dashboard? Please advice if there is anything we are missing or any error in how we are charging the meter events


asked 2016-04-25 14:11:41 -0500

Liju gravatar image