Hi everyone,

I have a few questions about cards authorizations. As example, I have some business scenario(Clover mobile/mini uses only as payment processing terminal): The employee prints out an itemized order receipt, takes the customers credit card, charges the amount of the order (with one or more payment cards), prints the payment receipt with the signature line and tip line, brings the receipt to the customer to sign and write in a tip amount, then adjusts the order's payment amount for the tip amount which all must be paid on the one transaction. Therefore the first payment for the order must be an authorization that keeps the order payment open until the tip amount is entered.

I found some semi-related topics, but any answers that fit me were found.
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2. https://devask.clover.com/question/3170/authorizations-via-rest-api/
3. https://devask.clover.com/question/3912/re-print-authorizations-voied-authorization-list/
4. https://devask.clover.com/question/3959/auth-payment/

I have already developed application that used SecurePay intent. So, what questions?

1. Can I make authorization transaction by SecurePay and after void or confirm payment. 2. Or can I make auth transaction through REST API or Android SDK?

Please, answer me, who knows.

asked 2016-08-09 10:45:04 -0500

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