I am sending a delivery address as part of an order (order REST API) to Clover but I am unable to track that address anywhere on Clover. Where does this delivery address go?

Also, is there any other way to send to merchant the delivery address for an order? Is this delivery address stored with the order or is it searched for by merchant in Customer record?


Thanks. I am sending the address in this API - https://www.clover.com/api_docs#!/ord... in these fields below.

We are certainly storing the address for delivery on our end but we need to communicate that to the merchant because it is the merchant who finally does the delivery not us. We want the merchant to be able to access the delivery orders we send along with all the other orders merchant might be entering manually on the POS in Orders app. We don't want him to come to our app each time for orders sent by our app.

How would the merchant know where to deliver the order. Should we add the address to the customer record in Customer app (and then merchant has to 1st lookup customer from the order and then address from the customer list) or send it in notes? Is there any other way?

"customers": { "customerSince": "long", "firstName": "", "lastName": "", "addresses": [ { "zip": "", "country": "", "address3": "", "address2": "", "city": "", "address1": "", "id": "", "state": "" } ],

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@jacobabrams is correct that we don't currently have built in support for delivery addresses. You could store addresses as customer addresses, but this would be abusing the logic since they are ultimately different concepts.

Again, because we don't have this logic built into the base apps, it means that regardless of how you store the information, the only way that a merchant would be aware of the address, would be via some communication from your own app.

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As far as I know we don't have any support for associating a delivery address to an order, so I'm not sure how you are sending a delivery address to our REST API, can add some code to your question so we can see what you are trying to do? If you wanted to associate an address with an order you would need to host that information on your own server. This asker has a similar issue: http://devask.clover.com/question/656...

You can associate an order to a customer. To do this you first need to create a customer with an address using POST /v3/merchants/{mId}/customers then when you have a customer id you use just that in the customer JSON object when updating or creating the order. However you will be building up large numbers of customers and nothing prevents someone or an app from adding multiple addresses for the same customer.

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