Via the Android SDK how can I determine if the merchant is enrolled in the Terminal or Register service plan bundle? I'm referering to the the service plan bundles referenced in this blog post - https://docs.clover.com/release-notes.... I would like to tailor the user interface of our app to reference the "Sale" application versus the "Register" application based on what bundle the merchant has enrolled in.

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How about this: GET /v3/merchants/{mId}?expand=merchantPlan ? You will get something like:

 "merchantPlan": {
        "appBundle": {
            "id": "XYZ"
        "description": "Credit and debit processing,EMV processing,24/7 phone support,24/7 email support,Menu upload", 
        "id": "ABC", 
        "name": "Classic Bundle"

However thinking about now, these things might change in the future and vary by region. Perhaps you might instead use Android PackageManager to see what apps are installed? Register is com.clover.register and Sale is com.clover.terminal.sale. You could key off that instead?

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Thanks. That should do the trick. I'm already pulling in some other merchant info via the REST API I'll just grab the merchantPlan along with it. Can you tell me what plan ID values I should look for for the Terminal and Register bundles?

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Pete-UM 2015-11-20 14:16:37 -0500

Yes, I can use the package manager. I agree that it's probably more "future proof" if new service plan bundles are offered in the future.

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Pete-UM 2015-11-20 19:39:54 -0500