I'm working with the Clover Station Dev Kit. We are designing an application that acts as a customer-facing custom tender option. The documentation on the website here:


Answers a lot of questions, however it specifies two types of Intents a Merchant-Facing Intent ( clover.intent.action.MERCHANTTENDER) and a customer-facing intent (clover.intent.action.CUSTOMERTENDER). Because our payment application is meant to involve the customer's phone scanning a QR code displayed on the station screen it seems to fit into the flow described under CUSTOMER_TENDER.

The issue is that there doesn't seem to be any applications installed on the Clover Station Dev Kit that respond to the intent "CUSTOMERTENDER". The Register and Order apps both respond to the intent (as expected), but the Manual Transactions application also responds to that same "MERCHANTTENDER" intent. Are we missing an application that is triggered by this intent?

For the time being we're building the custom tender application around the MERCHANT_TENDER intent but it seems more logical for it to respond to the customer-facing one. Any help we can get on this would be greatly appreciated.

asked 2017-04-28 14:55:17 -0500

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Hi @Zack,

Thanks for getting in touch. In its current state, the Clover Station does not support a customer-facing Custom Tender experience (see "Use Cases" in that docs link: https://docs.clover.com/build/custom-...).

answered 2017-05-04 16:22:53 -0500

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